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Eviction Services

 Eviction Services:

As one of our property owners you can rest assured you won’t have to lose any sleep over the eviction process. Our job is to handle your eviction in a lawful and professional manner. Eviction can be very stressful,and expensive, “TIME IS MONEY” the longer the tenant remains in possession of your property, the more money you lose. The last thing you need is liability for tenant damages and expensive penalties up to $100/day because your eviction was handled in an unlawful way.

If necessary we go to court, not you. We make sure you get everything you’re entitled to including: Any back rent owed, any damages caused by tenants, all court cost, attorney fees, Judgments recorded on tenant’s credit report, all penalty fees in the event your tenant acts maliciously.

We do all types of evictions for all types of properties, and specialize in the trustee sale and foreclosure evictions. We can evict any person in possession of any type of property that you want out.We are handling the complete eviction process from preparing the notice to getting the writ of eviction for the Sheriff in your hands. Our goal is to provide you our customer service, as inexpensively as possible for your unique situation to get your property back to you as fast as possible.

No hidden fee, stress-free, and fast. We prepare and serve all required paperwork.Licensed Attorney prepares and filed all Unlawful Detainer.

Call 408-429-4695 and start off tomorrow with one less thing to worry about.