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Management Services

Call now, 408-429-4695, and get the most comprehensive and cost effective property management in the Bay Area. Our well-trained,professional staff of experienced managers, and maintenance technicians have years of experience meeting our customer’s expectations each and every single day.

Types of properties we manage include:

Single Family Homes

Duplex / Fourplex


Condos / Townhouses

Office Buildings


Our Management Services:

Marketing and advertising of rental properties- LE'SGATE Property Management spends thousands of dollars per month marketing our rental inventory. We use the most cutting edge advertisement to ensure top placement across the Internet. As a result, we receive the prospective tenants our competitors never get to see.


Execute leases or rental agreement per your instructions- Our leases are compliant with all laws including those set forth by the Real Estate Commission and all fair Housing Laws as well as state laws.


Screen for qualified tenant-As a consequence tenants are thoroughly screened. All prospective tenants are required to verify their income and ensure they can pay the rent. We run background and credit checks on anyone over age 18 in the family. All federal and state real estate regulations are followed to make sure you’re in full compliance.


Property Inspections–Your property will be inspected on a regular basis making sure they’re well maintained by the tenants.


Maintenance Team-You will get high quality and timely maintenance on your property. Our qualified maintenance personnel keep you abreast of any issues that need to be addressed protecting your property from further damage. You’ll be notified if we find any issues with the property’s plumbing, furnace, water heaters, air conditioners, and other appliances. In order to protect your property and ensure your tenants are taken care of, our maintenance technicians are available for 24-hour emergency service 7 days a week.

Rent and other payments Collections- We are professional, tough and very persistent when collecting any lease applications we receive, rental payment, security deposit or any other related payments or documents will be made payable to the owner or broker. We send out early notification to tenant as a reminder that rent is due so that the tenant understand that their rent must be paid on time.

Eviction Process-If rents are not paid on time, we initiate the legal steps necessary to collect rents and evict tenants. We have the best attorney in town who will handle the entire eviction process so you won’t have to.